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Remember, remember 6-8 November...

It's nearly Thrales weekend again!

This year Gaorsach are joining us all the way from Aberdeen.

The weekend is looking something like this...


Meeting 8pm at The Three Compasses, High St, Hornsey.

We may dance or not depending on who's there and what people feel like.


Dancing starts in earnest with our usual tour of Soho during the day taking in the following pubs:

Then after a brief stop for lunch...

Then off to the Borough for some food before hitting the following in the evening


As always, we'll be rounding off the weekend with a gathering of the great and the good of the rapper world and beyond at the Prince William Henry, Blackfriars Road from around 12 noon.

Which will probably keep us quite busy...
Tags: dance, plans, rapper, tours & dance outs

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