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Political Sunburn

Haven't posted about an album for a while, so have a bit of a pile of CDs next to the computer now.

Continuing on the recent theme of albums that were big when I was a teenager, the next in the pile is Skunk Anansie's debut Paranoid & Sunburnt. The album is basically political hard rock with a funk edge to it. It's this edge that gives it the real interest and sets Skunk Anansie apart from other groups performing metal protest songs.

It helps that Skin's vocal style seems ideally suited to this, being able to pull off soulful melodies as in "100 Ways To Be A Good Girl" and more punchy agressive stuff as in "All In The Name Of Pity" and "Little Baby Swastikkka". Although it does make her absolutely terrifying.

Not a band for subtly though and the messages of all their tracks are rammed down your throat from the opening of each track right through to the end, kicking out violently at politics and religion. Most of the tracks are a interesting listen whether you share their sentiment or not though.

Highlights of the album include the singles "Selling Jesus" and "Weak" as well as "100 Ways to be A Good Girl" and "It Takes Blood & Guts to be this Cool, but I'm Still Just a Cliche".

You don't actually get to see music videos when listening to CDs of albums, but as "I Can Dream" has such a cool one with bendy wavy mirrory effects, I'm going to share it with you anyway:

(direct link)

All in all, Paranoid & Sunburnt doesn't seem to hold together as well as Stoosh or Post-Orgasmic Chill, but it certainly shows the direction Skunk Anansie were heading in.

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