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An Autumn of Dance

The summer may be over and there may not be festival after festival every weekend anymore, but it does mean all the ceilidh series start up again :-)

I know I said I'd let a few of you know which ceilidhs I'm planning to head to this Autumn. As the first one's tonight, I'd best get around to it, so here they are:

10 October - Stömp (Meltdown Ceilidhs - Clare Hall, Haywards Heath)
20 November - Ran Tan Band (Knees Up Cecil Sharp, Cecil Sharp House, Camden)
21 November - Cock and Bull (Meltdown Ceilidhs - Clare Hall, Haywards Heath)
12 December - Fiddlegang (London Barndance (contra), Cecil Sharp House, Camden)
Tags: ceilidh, dance, folk, plans

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