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A Last Bit Of Shakespear at the Globe

The Wednesday before last, having returned from the North I headed over to the Globe to see Love's Labour's Lost. I should probably have written about it sooner as having since been to see A New World, which was amazing, I'm struggling to think of noteworthy thinks from LLL to write about.

It was certainly one of the better performances I've seen at the Globe. Having seen a few plays there this year, the casts are becoming very familiar looking. LLL shared quite a few members with Romeo & Juliet, although not the leads but they were quite weak in R&J, so LLL held together better.

We had an understudy playing the Princess of France, but given she was one of the strongest members of the cast it worked quite well. The other strong members of the cast were Thomasin Rand as Rosaline and Trystane Gravelle as Berowne (although it was difficult to take him seriously after all the phone box stuff in the frontline).

The stage was extended into the yard again, this time with a diamond arrangement of walkways, which the audience could stand in the middle of, although the play didn't enter the yard itself as much as some of the others had. It was mainly just in the hunt seen when the deer rode around across the heads of the groundlings.

All in all it was good, but not outstanding.

And that's then the last of the Shakespear I'd booked to see at the Globe this year. Made a trip to see A New World last Saturday, but that'll be another post.


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10th Oct, 2009 13:23 (UTC)
An understudy? That's a bit of a departure for the Globe normally though don't have any! On the otherhand LLL is the play in which a cast member managed to break his ankle the first time round and had to perform on crutches so perhaps they're being extra careful *g*

I'm glad it was good, I decided in the end I didn't have time to see it even though I was interested to see it with a slightly different cast. Though maybe it's for the best because I did REALLY enjoy it before and it sounds like it might not have been quite as good.
10th Oct, 2009 13:36 (UTC)
The person who was down to play Jaquenetta was playing the Princess and someone else was playing Jaquenetta. There was a sign on the door saying so as you went in. No idea what had happened to the person originally down for the Princess.

It was a good performance, it's just unfortunate I saw it so close to A New World, as it's been overshadowed by it somewhat.
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