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Shock News: Water Available on Tap!

London's new drinking fountains a challenge to bottled water industry

Making tap water more available, so it's a viable alternative to bottled water when you're out somewhere and have forgotten to take any with you has to be a good thing. How many people will switch to using it will have to be seen though. Especially as the bottled water companies are guaranteed to respond by advertising about the so called benefits of bottled water over tap water as profits are far more important than the planet clearly.

I love the idea of one day London following in the footsteps of Bundanoon and banning bottled water, but I can't see it ever happening. The system we live in puts the welfare of companies before that of the people and planet and the bottled water industry is big and therefore powerful. We must therefore bow to their every whim in the interests of the economy.
Tags: climate change, economics, links, news

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