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What is Anti-Facism in Folk?

As, I've said many times on here, although I disagree entirely with the views of facists, I respect that they have a right to express those views. As such I tend to ignore most anti-facist groups as a lot of them seem focused on attacking this right rather than the views themselves.

Therefore when invites to join Folk against Facism came around on Facebook and promptly ignored them the same as I do with anything like that.

It turns out the comments mentioned in the prevous post are connected with this and the BNPs plans to use folk as an English tradition to promote their views. Was also provide with a link to this article, which includes the quote:
It's an ancient Jewish paranoia of mine. For some reason, whenever I see Morris dancers I assume a pogrom can't be far behind.

Where on earth did that come from? Especially given that, as far as I can tell, December 2007 predates all this BNP latching onto folk stuff.

Anyway, this brings me back to the point, which side of the speaking out against facism vs facists rights to express their views line do Folk against Facism stand. The answer is I'm really not sure.

Their website is unhelpfully "coming soon" and their facebook group seems a bit ambiguous on this issue.

However, their press coverage so far (which seems to be more than the BNP actually got), seems to be mainly about them promoting the fact they don't share the facist views, so maybe they are the right side of the line? If they are then I wholeheartedly support what they do.


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13th Sep, 2009 23:16 (UTC)
(Adam)Both the Fascists and the Nazis used folk dance as a nationalist rallying point. But the connection is older than that - although probably 20th century.

Jewish paranoia in England was a pretty healthy attitude, anciently.
14th Sep, 2009 09:43 (UTC)
As far as I can tell, Folk Against Fascism is about standing up and claiming loudly that you have no allegiance with the BNP and their views, and that when the BNP attach themselves to the Folk movement it is not by invitation. They try quite a lot to do this - find something popular, associate themselves with it to gain popularity and ignore the people in that organisation when they say "hey, go away, we don't want to be seen with racist scum". They're like creepy men in social groups - if you don't tell them to GO AWAY they will follow you around making you uncomfortable.
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