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National Tradition = Nationalism?

Spotted on Facebook:
Person A: can't understand why everybody isn't a morris dancer. You're missing out more than you could ever imagine!
Person B: The whole BNP/Nationalist association would be the first thing that puts me off.

erm... am I missing something here? BNP/Nationalist association?

OK, there are some utterly stuck up pretentious whatsits within Morris. I had one give me a long lecture on how Morris should look, including a fundamental criticism of the style of 2 of the sides I dance with (not entirely sure how he thought that would bring me round to his viewpoint), while I was "young an impressionable". Well, I suppose he certainly made an impression.

And, yes, being based on British traditions you are going to have a link to nationalism, but that's like saying having a bonfire on November 5th makes you a nationalist.

I'm fairly sure I know more left of centre Morris dancers than right of centre ones, let alone people that extreme on the right, but admittedly there are a large number of people in Morris I've never discussed politics with.

Of all the people who have sent me BNP propaganda (not entirely sure why people think a socialist would want BNP propaganda, but apparently I must give off that sort of vibe - somewhat worrying really), only one is a Morris dancer, so yes there are Morris dancing BNP supporters. However, saying that's a BNP association would be like saying there was an association between living in Farmhouses and the BNP, because Nick Griffin lives in one (at least according to Wikipedia he does).

The mind boggles...
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