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End of Summer

So, Wallingford was the last of the festivals I had lined up to dance at this summer, so I suppose that means summer is now over :-(

Lots of other dance outs to come over the next couple of months though, all the ceilidhs will start up again soon and from this week it's back to dance practices 3 nights a week (although that said one of them is actually a dance out this week, so that's not technically true) and then there's freaky things happening a couple of weeks time in the peak district.

Invites are already coming in for next summer though, which means next year looks like it may include Golowan with Thrales, Ely (hopefully for the whole weekend if those of us who seemed keen on the idea this weekend can persuade enough of the others to make a side) and Whitby with Gogs (which by my calculations would lead to a high probability of having a Thrales set at the latter too for an evening tour or two) as definite invites, Chepstow have said they'll be inviting Wild Hunt back again next year and Blackheath seem to have a standing invite to Saddleworth Rushcart.

Next year should be fun.
Tags: border, cotswold, dance, festivals, folk, molly, morris, plans, tours & dance outs

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