Owen Barritt (hmmm_tea) wrote,
Owen Barritt

Which side of the river is London Bridge on?

The Times Website published the following list of "The strangest and funniest questions asked at the City of London Information Centre." yesterday, I have to repeat them here as they made me giggle:

  1. How can I have tea with the Queen?

  2. Could you recommend a good plastic surgeon?

  3. Are there guided tours of M15?

  4. When do the clowns come on at Piccadilly Circus?

  5. What number in Oxford Street is Oxford University?

  6. Where can I buy paraffin for my lamp?

  7. What time does “evil song” start at St Paul’s Cathedral?

  8. Which side of the river is London Bridge on?

  9. Where can I hire a banana boat?

  10. Is it a long walk to Times Square?

  11. Where abouts is the Eiffel Tower?

  12. Which way to the beach?

  13. When does Tower Bridge move?

  14. Where can I see the buildings destroyed in the Second World War?

  15. Where do the Spice Girls live?

(via @LDN)
Tags: humour, london

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