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Walking Under The Table

Having been tipped off by @Tate on twitter. I wondered over to Tate Modern to see this this afternoon:

Robert Therrien has basically just created a standard table and 4 chairs

...at 3.5 times their usual size.

Very cool, but gave me that sudden feeling that I shouldn't have touched that bottled labelled "Drink Me"

It's on display on the third floor until 24 October. Well worth a look, but unfortunately you're not allowed to sit on the chairs or eat off the table.

They've also got Therrien's "Red Room" on display (it's basically what the name suggests - picture here), also on the third floor, but in with surrealist stuff, but unfortunately where they've placed it only a few people can view it at once so it's difficult to get at.
Tags: art, contemporary, london, museums & galleries, photographs & images, southwark & surrounding areas, twitter

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