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Suddenly Life Becomes Surprisingly Supportive

When I went veggie, the average response when telling people seemed to be something along the lines of "Won't you miss Bacon?".

The standard response to the vegan thing appears to be "That's admirable"

Has the world change that much in 6 years? or just my friends? or is it just more socially acceptable to be vegan?

I suppose the fact I was veggie, put me over in that direction in the eyes of most meat-eaters to start with, so it's just become a more extreme version of what I was before rather than something new.

I also wasn't broadcasting the intimate details of my life on the internet back then either, so that probably affects who I've had comments back from as well I suppose. After all, internet forums are renowned for their habbit of often being more liberal than the outside world.

I suppose also, the fact that a blog is more one sided then a conversation changes things a bit as well. Whereas most of the feedback for the veggieness came from conversations including lines like "I've become a vegetarian", a lot of the feedback for the vegan thing has come from the post I made which also explains a lot of the reasons behind the decision.

It's been somewhat surprising how positive the comments I've had about it have been so far, but *shrugs* I'm certainly not going to complain about that, even if it is bizarrely unexpected.
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