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The Globe As You Like It

Last weekend there was "As you like it" at the Globe. It's not a Shakespear play I know, but there was the obvious "oh that's where that's from" when they launched into the 7 ages of man speech.

I think they may have taken the "All the world's a stage" bit a bit too literally though as they seemed to have expanded there's to take over half the yard. It was quite cool the way they integrated with the audience though, especially the way Jacques kept appearing in completely different parts of the auditorium for his different lines.

It was one of the Globe's better casts (as I previously said, I was disappointed with the cast of Romeo + Juliet, so it was nice to have a really strong cast this time). I particularly liked Jack Laskey as Orlando, Laura Rogers as Celia and Tim McMullan as Jaques. There was something about Celia that really reminded me of Miranda Richardson's Elizabeth II from Blackadder, not sure how much of that was down to the fact that the first costume was somewhat similar, but there was a lot of the playfulness there too, which worked well in the context of the play.

Jamie Parker who plays Oliver, is supposed to be very good too, but there wasn't very much of him though. morganmuffle has a lot to say about him though if you're into that sort of thing.

Overall, it was one of the better plays I've seen at the Globe and well worth a visit. It's showing until 10 October.
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