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The Other Peckham

Having been getting into the habit of posting about dance outs before they happened, I appear to have totally forgotten about today.

Therefore, if anyone was interested, you could have seen us dance by the Green in West Peckham as guests of Boughton Monchelsea Morris from about 12 noon until around 4 pm.

They invite quite a few sides along and we all have a picnic and take it in turns to dance. There were around 13 or 14 in total this year (apparently they have been less in the past), which meant we only got to do 3 dances in the end, but it was still a fun afternoon all the same and quite relaxed. I don't think it would really work very well if they got any more teams than that along though.

Only 3 dances and I'm now absolutely shattered, I think the endless supply of energy I've had recently has finally run out. Luckily, the endless supplies of weekend dance outs has done so too and I now have 2 free weekends (plus a week off work in between). Just noticed that's 7 weekends in a row, which might explain why I'm tired really *makes a note to learn how to say no*

Current plans for next weekend are to go straight to sleep when I get home on Friday and not get up again until the 3rd.
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