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A Sudden Strange Desire for Torrential Rain at Broadstairs

Looking at the Broadstairs programme, just spotted this

Torchlight Procession @ High Street

22:00 to 00:00

A hi-energy flaming spectacle of whirling dancers and music processing through the town


Weather Permitting of course!

Ceilidh @ Pavilion

23:00 to 01:00

Glorystrokes with caller Gordon Potts

Tickets £10

From barn dance to mosh pit...

Oh no! :-(

Although I don't actually know our dance programme for the weekend, presumably the procession involves all the sides there.

While a torchlight procession with the Hunt would be monumentally cool, it still can't compete with the Glorystrokes, so lots of rain on the 8th please.

Wonder if I can persuade the Hunt to do Thor's Hammer repeatedly until he gets the message (I may not actually believe in Norse gods, but it certainly seems to have the desired effect).
Tags: border, ceilidh, dance, festivals, folk, morris, plans, tours & dance outs

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