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'No fee degrees' university plan

We need to make the education system biased towards people who live near Universities? Oh, sorry, I didn't realise. Yes, of course people who live in big cities are far more entitled to this level of education then those of us from the countryside.

So, whatever happened to the idea of fair and equal access to education? Everytime there's a change to the funding system we seem to move further and further away from it. It's like the government are actively sitting down trying to think of new biases to add to the system.

How about this for an idea: use income tax to subsidise the education system to allow access to regardless of wealth, location, etc. It's perfectly fair as those that have been through university tend to be paid more and it would help even up the wealth too. Oh, yes, I forgot, we couldn't possibly do that, the rich clearly need their money...


8th Jul, 2009 20:01 (UTC)
I was with the green-dressed ladies' side that was in front of you lot in the procession. Pellinor was one of our hangers-on and bag-carriers, wearing vaguely eighteenth century costume. If I'm right about who you are, we were the first couple you danced with in the first Sicilian circle on the Saturday night ceilidh - me in a "I'm blogging this" t-shirt, and Pellinor in a Spinal Tap one. Not that I expect you to remember this... ;-)
8th Jul, 2009 21:10 (UTC)
I noticed both the t-shirts (I can remember cool t-shirts even if I don't recognise the people in them :-) ), although didn't realise who you were and can't remember where in the dance it was we met.

I think I was wearing a bright "safety green" gogs t-shirt that evening, but by the sounds of it you seem to have guessed that was me.

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