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A Weekend Bordering on Insanity

This year seems to have a theme of dancing in the traditional regions, having already danced in Northumberia (rapper at DERT) and the Cotswolds (although admittedly that was rapper too rather than Cotswold).

This weekend sees me in the Welsh Border, actually being unoriginal and doing border this time with Wild Hunt at The Two Rivers Folk Festival in Chepstow.

We have a programme for the weekend, which basically just says we'll be dancing somewhere around here *waves hand unhelpfully over the full map* on Saturday afternoon and then doing some more on Sunday.

Which means that I'll spending Friday evening touring the borough with Thrales and then need to be at Paddington at 7.45 on Saturday morning *gulp*. Must get the bad idea alarm in my head fixed at some point, either that or invent a few extra hours in which to do that sleeping lark.
Tags: border, dance, festivals, folk, morris, tours & dance outs

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