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The Hunting of the Snaz

So last weekend I once again failed to make it to one of cartesiandemon's parties. As I was getting a bit short of facepaint for yesterday, I thought I'd pop out and get some first, so walked to Eltham, where there was supposedly a stockist according to the snazaroo website.

I, however, realised my mistake on arriving at Eltham and discovering the mile post stating it was 8 miles back to London Bridge (and also the fact that I had appeared to have dropped off the end of my little A-Z). As a result it didn't end up being a very quick trip out to the shops, especially as I went via Maritime Greenwich. It wasn't a complete success either as the shop seemed somewhat closed (in the completely gutted with a "to let" sign outside sense).

The trip was quite fun all the same, and involved:

  • Discovering the really good second CD exchange shop in Greenwich, where you can pick up all the old CDs that no one is really interested in for about £2 each (more popular ones were more expensive. They seem to set an initial price and reduce it by a pound every no and then looking at the price tags they had). OK, 10 CDs may be excessive, but it's not as if they cost me much (may talk about what I got in a separate post at some point in the distant future when I finally get around to it).

  • Lots of charity shops. Clearly I've always needed a silver stilton spoon! *nods convincingly*

  • Peering through the window of Allodi Accordions and going "ooo, shiney!", as is the law when walking down Lee High Road. OK, I can't afford one and I can't even play one, but there's still something really cool about having an accordion shop nearby

  • Much exploration

Ok, in the end I resorted to ordering facepaint online and if I'd done that in the first place I could have gone with the original plan and gone to Cambridge. One of these days, I may actually make it to one of cartesiandemon's parties. Either that or he'll give up inviting me given the number of times I've said I'll come and failed to make it *hangs head in shame*.
Tags: cambridge, ineptness, london, molly, southwark & surrounding areas

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