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The Moon The Moon in June

So, a week ago last Friday, I wondered over to the Southwark Playhouse to see Unlimited Theatre's production "The Moon The Moon".

It's the second thing I've seen at the Southwark Playhouse now. It's a quaint little theatre under the London Bridge railway arches on Tooley Street. OK, you hear the trains going over your head, but the place makes up for that in Character and there not bad enough to distract from the plays.

The play itself was very surreal, about a man who having lost his wife and daughter now thinks he's being followed and talked to by the moon, who reminds him of his wife. The ending was a bit gorey, although in a very sureal way.

The set was really impressive, being based around a basement room (which the main character ends up being locked in). However, it was built with lots of hidden doors and cupboards. You never knew which one they were going to open next or what would be inside it, whether it was another member of the cast coming on stage, a fridge or even a window.

Unfortunately, I caught it right at the end of it's tour and it's now finished, otherwise I'd recommend going to see it. However, if their other shows are anything like this one, Unlimited Theatre are well worth looking out for.

I'm off to see the next show, The Rover performed by Looking Glass House at the Playhouse on Wednesday evening. If anyone fancies joining me, tickets are available through the Southwark Playhouse website.

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