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Unpacking The Groceries

There are all sorts of interesting shops hiding in London once you get off the main streets.

Following a tip off by @LDN on Twitter, last week I wondered over to Islington to take a look at Unpackaged.

A whole shop dedicated to refills!

You can either use their paper bags (for a small fee) or take your own containers and then its self service using scoops. Being mostly organic, they were verging on the pricey side of things, but they did have a an impressive range of products available.

OK, they're not going to solve the whole climate change problem, but it's an interesting gimic and a good step away from our modern habbit of just consuming refuse.

I've been looking for somewhere nearishby to refill ecover bottles since the place on Borough Market closed, this place does that and more. I'm definitely impressed, it would just be nice if it were a little closer.
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