Owen Barritt (hmmm_tea) wrote,
Owen Barritt

And To Round Off The Weekend...

Today we spent a couple of hours (well 3 actually) dancing at the Prince William Henry on blackfriars road with.

  • Mabel Gubbins

  • Hoddeston Crownsmen

  • Dark Horse Rapper

  • Stevenage Sword

  • Camden Clog

  • Verulamium

  • Thameside Mummers

  • Saint Monday

  • ..and probably a few that I've forgotten...

The pub had fairly good beer. Wooden floor although we felt it was probably concrete underneath, and it was well polished (ie you slid on it quite nicely), ceiling was also quite low (not as low as the one yesterday luckily).

The side did 4 dances, of which I was in 1 to which Andy Kennedy played again. Generally went well, certainly felt to have a lot of momentum in the spin...

The last dance Thrales did, they did the double tumble with both the Tommy and Betty doing a Gary Owen (ie one running through under each tumble), looked very impressive...

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