Owen Barritt (hmmm_tea) wrote,
Owen Barritt

Rapper Tour of The Borough (Saturday 12 Nov 05 Evening)

After food (and a pint on the house :-) ) at the Royal Oak, we got on with the evening tour. Saturday evening, the audiences were amazing...

The Wheatsheaf, Stoney Street (Borough Market)

Generally nice pub, good beer, been here before for a drink. Nice woodern floor. The only real space for us to occupy was the bit in front of the toilets.

First dance of the evening and I was in it. MJ upped the tempo for this one (weehee faster :-) ). The audience loved us, it was truly amazing to hear them cheer along as we danced.

Tried the Market Porter afterwards, as it's a nice pub with a good wooden floor and lots of nice beer, but they weren't interested :-(

The Southwark Tavern, Southwark St

Nice pub, good wooden floor upstairs and concrete in the basement. We did our spot upstairs with East Saxon and then as there was a private birthday party downstairs we went and did a dance down there too.

I was in the downstairs spot, which was interesting as there wasn't an awful lot of clearance between the top of my head and the ceiling. Was quite puzzled as to where the sword was going to go if it was going over my head...

At one point in the dance we managed to clobber the fire alarm with the swords. This caused Clive to shout "keep the swords down". Low and behold the rest of the dancers responded to this and the next sword to go over my head came up to me at nose level - eeek!

To Jon's horror Andy even called a tumble. It was interesting to see Jon walking on the ceiling. Good practice though as he's off to Australia!

The George, Borough High St

Very atmospherical old pub owned by the National Trust. Lovely wooden floor. Dance went well, crowd very appreciative.

At this point East Saxon all went home, whilst we went on to do a last spot in

The Royal Oak, Tabbard St

Same place as we had dinner. There was a session going on there when we arrived.

Nice wooden floors, with rugs on them (the landlord lets us these up for dancing). We did two dances one in each of the bars.

Andy Kennedy played for these, so MJ could go and join in with the session. Being used to MJs fiddle it was quite different dancing to Andy's Melodeon. Felt that this was the best I'd danced all evening and audience were clapping along with the music and everything.

Dancing in pubs on a busy Saturday evening is one of the most amazing experiences, I must do it again sometime...

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