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Beer Gives Us Some Strange Ideas

I like this idea, even if the chances of it ever happening are slim to none.

The map represents a collaboration between beer tycoon Freederick Heineken and 2 historians to split Europe into states of fairly small population size (approx 5-10 million each) with the idea that larger number of smaller states would be easier to govern within a European Union. The states each have some historical basis and are generally ethnically homogeneous.

A full key to the states is given here

As far as I can see the main issue the EU faces is countries defensively promoting their own self-identity causing other countries to act similarly with the fear that the larger countries will have the loudest voices. Splitting these down somewhat may certainly help, although I can't see that it would eliminate the issue altogether and some of the splits will be controversial. One of the major ones I notice from the map above is that Ireland has been unified, which although it would please some, would be less welcome by others.

All in all, I'd be curious to see this happen, but don't think it ever would.

(via strangemaps)
Tags: europe, geography, internationalism, politics, reform

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