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June Talks

Dana Centre plans for this month:

9 June - Move Me On - Curious idea getting a scientist and choreographer to work together. I'm fascinated to know what the result is and what they say about the reasoning behind it.
11 June - Season of Life - Seasons certainly seem to effect our general feelings,etc, but other than the obvious I don't know a lot about this.
17 June - Dinner@Dana: Deciphering the Cosmic Number - Must admit I don't find 137 anything special, but fascinated to find out why Pauli and Jung thought differently
18 June - Economy and Me - I'm not convinced capitalism is a good thing (but am failing to see what viable alternatives there are given the number of other systems which have been tried and failed).
30 June - Carole Dane is Sexually Selected - The science of sexual attraction seems an excellent subject for comedy.

If anyone fancies joining me at any of these, they are free, you just need to email tickets@danacentre.org.uk to book a place.

Also, there's this one a Gresham college, which I'll probably aim to go to:

22 June - London's Lost Rivers: The Hackney Brook and other North West Passages - I've posted about the lost rivers before, so it will be interesting to see what he has to say about them.
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