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How To Get A Custard Pie Into A Shakespearean Tragedy

Yesterday evening, I went to see The Pantaloons production of Romeo and Juliet at The Scoop.

It was one of the more unusual versions of the play I've seen, being somewhat like a crossing between Shakespear and Pantomime, but they pulled it off really well. However, in spite of what I said in my last post there were no silly hats.

What really impressed me was how they seemed to smoothly switch into and out of the Shakespearean dialogue. For example, towards the beginning two members of the cast had an argument about whether they should have any more audience participation once they've done the opening lines of the actual play, which led to one of them biting their thumb and all of a sudden you're back on the original script again.

All in all it was utterly amazing and you should all go and see it now, especially if you like "health and safety concious, heavily cheorographed sword fights with cricket bats" or you want to know how you get a custard pie into a Shakespearean tragedy.

It's being performed at the scoop over the weekend and then continues its tour around the country until late August.

They're also touring with Twelfth Night over the summer.
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