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The other thing Forest Hill had yesterday was a charity shop...


The general upshot of which is that I now have a ice-cream maker :-)

Just in time for the summer!

No instructions though, but presumably it'll just be a case of making it cold in the freezer, popping the ingredients in and stirring.

Will have to experiment next weekend


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(Deleted comment)
24th May, 2009 23:00 (UTC)
There's a slight issue with that idea...
25th May, 2009 10:58 (UTC)
If it has a removable bowl, put that in the freezer- make sure that the freezer is on its coldest setting nd freeze overnight. Assemble the machinery and start it going BEFORE you pour in the ingrerdients. The ice cream is ready when it is thick, or if it starts thawing/melting around the edges- then scoop out and put it in a separate box in the freezer so it can harden completely. Allow the removable bowl to thaw completely before you wash it- do not put in the dishwasher!

Do you want a recipie for rum and raisin using sour cream?
25th May, 2009 11:59 (UTC)
That's what I suspected I might need to do with it.

Yes please to the recipe :-)
25th May, 2009 12:07 (UTC)
100g Raisins
100mil dark rum
100g caster sugar
3 large egg yolks
350ml sour cream

Soak the raising overnight in the rum. Whisk the egg yolks and sugar together until fluffy. whisk in the soured cream and put into the ice cream maker. When the ice cream is nearly frozen add the raisins and the any rum that has not soaked in and continue to freeze in the ice cream maker, when frozen sufficiently, pour into a box and freeze in the normal way.
25th May, 2009 14:46 (UTC)
Ice cream makers are great, I used ours so much I wore it out :-(

It helps if you chill the ice cream mix down thoroughly before pouring into the machine. Usually takes about 20 mins of churning to thicken it up, ready for the freezer.
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