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A Museum of Just About Everything

A while back, I posted about the latest exhibition at the Horniman Museum. I finally got around to going to see it yesterday.

The Robot Zoo is a fun way of showing how animals bodies function mechanically and includes things like how grasshoppers jump, how the blood flow in the neck of a giraffe is controlled and how bats use echo location. It's great fun to go and have a play.

It the first time I'd been to the Horniman Museum, so it was interesting to wonder around the rest of the exhibits. As museums go it's like a smaller version of a hybrid of the Natural History Museum, the V&A, the British Museum and the Aquarium. There doesn't seem to be any overlying theme for the museum, just the individual galleries.

The Natural History gallery was particularly impressive. OK, they don't have as big a collection of dead stuffed animals, models and bones as the Natural History Museum, but it would be unfair to expect that. What's impressive is the way they display them. For example they had cases showing the evolution of both the horse and the elephant through bones and models, how the skull bone structure has developed differently for different breads of dogs and how the body of a bat fits over it's skeleton.

The Robot Zoo exhibition is on until 8 November 2009, but even if you can't make that go anyway as it's really amazing.
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