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Exuberant and Over Excited Behaviour

Meant to post about this earlier, but for those of you who enjoyed the slides and don't already know, the Tate Modern's Turbine Hall is filled with balance beams, seesaw type things and assorted climby things.

In the other words, they are displaying a recreation of Robert Morris's Bodyspacemotionthings exhibition originally shown briefly at the Tate in 1971 (until director Norman Reid closed it due to "exuberant and over excited behaviour" by some visitors)

I popped along during my lunchbreak on Friday in order to beat the queues and it is great fun and left me feeling all exuberant and over excited leaving me with no choice but to go back to work to calm myself down again...

Unfortunately, it's only there for the bank holiday weekend, so if you haven't been yet, you'll have to go tomorrow.

EDIT: The exhibition has been extended until 14 June for those of you who missed it.
Tags: art, contemporary, museums & galleries, participatory events, photographs & images

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