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Reform, but no change

So, the speaker of the house of commons resigned yesterday.

Not that surprising really as the whole world seem to have wanted his head on a plate for the past few days.

I still don't get what all the fuss is about really though, so MPs are bending the rules for their own gains. erm... yes... what surprising about that?

OK, we've named a shamed some of them and some of them have resigned, but if you really want to purge government of rule bending then you'd need to get rid of the whole lot of them and then we wouldn't have a government...

Actually, on second thoughts that isn't a bad idea.

However, more seriously, there are far bigger issues with the way that the British government operates (like the fact that it seems to revolve almost entirely around whips and spin doctors for example, which really have to be the pinacle of bending the system to your own ends) that it seems silly to get bogged down in such petty squabbling. I'd be curious to know how cost of the time spent debating this issue (in terms of MPs salaries, etc) and external regulation compares to the amounts that were falsely claimed?

Most of the benefits I can think of which the government fund are done through means testing rather than on an expenses system, why not just do the same with this? After all, that's pretty much what it's claiming to be and it would be a lot simpler than this.

So, if we're going to have reform can we actually have a reform that will actually make a difference to the way this country's run, so we aren't stuck with the situation of just having 2 major parties saying how bad each other are and a few other fringe people who don't like either of them and actually get to the situation where MPs are more concerned with running the country rather than making each other look bad?


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21st May, 2009 22:37 (UTC)
Interesting idea, although I'm not convinced his stats are rigid enough to back it up.

It would be interesting to see some more detailed analysis of the data to see just how strong the correlation was. However, even if there is a strong correlation there could be many reasons for this as pointed out in some of the comments (not least bias in the telegraph's reporting of the topic).
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