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Shakespearen Theatres on the Frontline

So the weather clearly loves me and gave us the sunniest evening in ages just when I was planning to go to the Globe (or at least it was when we went it. It somehow gets less sunny late at night for some reason...).

The Frontline was excellent.

Clearly the thing to do if you want to do a modern play at the Globe is to take all the stereotypes of the sorts of people you are likely to meet on the streets of suburban London throw them on the stage and play them off each other, interweaving a million different storylines all at the same time (it certainly captured the busyness of London). It was hilarious!

I'm not sure what it was, but there was something strangely Shakespearean about it all and it was just the sort of play that really wouldn't have fitted anywhere else quite as well as it fits the Globe. If I knew what I was talking about I'd put a really good argument to back this up here and impress you all, but I don't, so I'll just have to hope that waving my arms about randomly whilst waffling inanely has a similar effect.

I particularly loved the junkie who lived in the phonebox. Although I'm sure he must have had all his bones removed, as I'm fairly certain normal people don't bend like that. I was amazed when he did his dance just before the interval and pretty much just morphed across the stage. That must be it, he must be made of plasticine.

In short everyone in the whole world should go and see it, and if you haven't already you've got 3 days.

The Frontline is showing at the Globe until 23rd May.

Oh, and somehow this post wouldn't be complete without a photographic homeage to the true star of the show:

I wonder if Shakespear would have been a lover or a hater?
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