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Cabinet Reshuffle

It was Thrales' AGM this evening, which means I'm no longer secretary (yay!), but now appear to be foreman.

OK, it's not a complete surprise as Andy had hinted that I would be good at it a few times over the past few months, but it's still nice to have everyone say they wanted me to do it (except one person, but when Andy mentioned it I felt this person wouldn't be happy with the idea, so that wasn't much of a surprise either. The main upshot of which was I was asked not to be a "stalinist dictator" - ???!).

Also told Thrales I wouldn't be going to DART (Dancing America Rapper Tournament - like DERT but the other side of the pond and in the Autumn next year), as I'm not comfortable with the idea of taking a flight I could choose not to for the obvious climate reasons. I don't have any objection to the rest of the side going though and they could well have a side without me for it, which is good as it means its a personal thing, that means whilst the rest of the group know my views on the flights they're not forced to go along with them.
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