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Royal Festival Hall

Gogs did their performance at the Royal Festival Hall yesterday. Was good fun. Audience was a bit disappointing for the first spot, but it built up for the second and third.

We found we were running under time quite a bit, so a couple of dances were added in the end.

Was particularly impressed with how well IQ went as it's been over 2 years since I last danced it (because of the knee problems). Tried to go the wrong way in the first chorus and got on the wrong foot in the polka change, but other than that it went fine. Hamish also got on the wrong foot in the polka and we then had fun trying to figure out who was on the right foot as we tried to correct it.

Did make a more obvious mistake in RGO when in the chorus after the shoulder stars Elizabeth and I (both normally doing it from the middle rather than an end) lead out instead of staring. The audience didn't seem to notice much though. Think we did it with enough conviction that we could have got away with saying it was a variation (may have been better if we joined in the star to make a six person one for the second half of the chorus though).

Went to the Friday Folk contra with Fiddlin Around in St. Albans afterwards, which was very fun :-)

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