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The Latest Big Movie

I was thinking that this new Star Trek film really should be really really really really big...

...so I went to watch it at the IMAX

I was a little worried that by going back and telling a story about the original characters rather than a spin off they might try to stick to all the previous back story too much to ensure they keep the fans happy and as a result not come up with anything new. OK, the whole alternative time stream thing has been done to death by Hollywood, but it did prove a useful way out of this situation.

They fed in enough of the back story to carry it off as well, including reintroducing Captain Pike, and choosing actors who all generally looked fairly similar to the original cast (the major exception being Scotty, but I'll get onto him in a bit).

However, the whole alternative time stream thing meant they could also have a lot of fun too. I thought the whole role-reversal between Kirk and Spock was really well done and it did leave you wondering whether they were going to resolve it and how.

The highlight of the film for me is when Scotty was brought in, as they made him a million billion times more loopy and he was amazing. Of course when caught by security breaking into a starship and taken to the bridge, the thing you'll do is ask for a towel!

In short it's a lot of fun and well worth seeing.

And it was this big! *holds out arms as far as they'll reach in each direction*
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