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Interior Traces

This evening, I saw episodes 5 and 6 (the two based in the future) of Interior Traces performed at the Dana Centre.

It was a interesting view at the changes better understanding of the brain and screening for abnormalities could develop in the future and was very balanced covering both the positive and negative points. Well worth a listen (I'm certainly going to have a listen of the other 4 at some point), they're well written stories with a lot of interesting points to consider.

There was a interesting debate afterwards on how screening for predispositions towards medical conditions or behavioral conditions could be useful, but could also infringe significantly on civil liberties and also how the legal system would cope with this issues. Although it would be nice to think that the legal system makes judgements based what we do rather than who we are and at the moment to all intents a purposes that's how it operates, it's apparently not fixed to that and wouldn't need any adjustment to convict people based on a genetic predisposition to carry out a crime. OK, that doesn't mean it's necessarily going to happen, but the possibility is there.

The whole got me thinking a lot about how much we like to label ourselves and those around us and how although it can be a good thing, there are also seem to be many problems with a society which leans so much on labels for everything and the general trend is to label each other even more, which concerns me somewhat. However, that's probably something for a separate post when I've got a bit more time.

Interior Traces is being performed a few places around London this week and then at the Cheltenham Science Festival (see website for details). The performances are also going to be broadcast on Resonance FM on 29th May, 5th and 12th June and will be available for download from the website.
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