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So dreamwidth, what's that all about then?

So, my flist, seems full of people offering codes for dreamwidth accounts.

I had a quick look using open ID, and as you'd expect, it appears to be a lj clone with a few tweaks. The main one seems to be how it deals with friends, separating them into subscription and access to friends locked posts. OK, these are different things, but as you can already limit which of your flist can see locked posts using filters, I can't see the point of this, surely it's just overcomplicating things? The things I really like about the lj friends system is that is really really simple, why take this away?

Other than that, the other major difference seems that there's no ads (which having a paid account I don't see and I'm not actually averse to lj funding themselves through ads, most other sites do, if people object to seeing them they can just get a paid account).

In short, unless there's a mass exodus of my flist, I can't see why I'd want to use it. It doesn't offer anything over lj I want, I don't need 2 ljs, I already have a permanent account here and that leaves very little incentive to overcome the inertia of staying put.

I guess I just don't get it...
Tags: blogging, internet, livejournal & its offshoots

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