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Note to self: What miriammoules means by the term "storytelling" is not quite the same as what hmmm_tea means. Well, ok, the telling bit is the same, they just differ in the type of story. (hmmm_tea puts on his dunce hat and goes to sit in the corner for not seeing this a mile off).

Once I got over the surprise of what it actually was, I quite enjoyed applecart. After all, if you can get past the religious connotations, they are actually quite good stories even to a non-believer. C.S. Lewis managed to prove that one quite well.

Applecart was done in a refreshing unevangelical way, so you could just sit back and treat it as a story and was quite innovative in their use of song and video. I was particularly impressed when one of the actors addressed the UN security council and they had a pre-recording of someone translating him playing at the same time. I imagine getting the timing for that must have taken a bit of practice.

So, in conclusion, Applecart's quite fun, regardless of what you believe and hmmm_tea should pay more attention to what he's saying he'll go to before agreeing to things.


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(Deleted comment)
4th May, 2009 08:44 (UTC)
Bizarre! Did I miss a post somewhere?

That said, even if I did I could have looked up the website and found out about it beforehand. *keeps dunce hat on*

Don't know about the next one, when is it?
4th May, 2009 08:45 (UTC)
And the stories are good (given you like Narnia)

I believe that's what I just said above
(Deleted comment)
4th May, 2009 08:58 (UTC)
You didn't con me into it, all the facts were at my fingertips, I just didn't pay a lot of attention to them. Don't worry about it.

As I said, it wasn't something I'd have generally gone along to, but I enjoyed it, so I was glad I did.
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