Owen Barritt (hmmm_tea) wrote,
Owen Barritt

Dance Dance!

There look to be a fun couple of dances coming up in the next couple of weeks (a ceilidh and a contra), so to share them with anyone who's missed them:

The Committee Band are playing (Nick Walden calling) for the Knees Up at Cecil Sharp House in Camden on Friday (i.e. tomorrow).

Secondly, Notorious have come over from the US and will be playing (Rhodri Davies calling) for the London Barndance on 9th May, which inspite of the name will be at Frances Bacon College, St Albans. It's a smaller than normal venue, so they recommend emailing to reserve a ticket in advance.

Committee Band are normally good, so that one will clearly be fun. Never heard Notorious, so no idea what they're like, but Rhodri's normally excellent.
Tags: ceilidh, contra, dance
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