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Guernica and Ice-Cream

Yesterday, I wandered over to the Whitechapel Gallery, as I was curious to see the tapestry of the Picasso's Guernica.

The tapestry was produced as a collaboration between Picasso and weaver Jacqueline de la Baume Durrbach under commission from Nelson Rockefeller in 1955 and has been on display at the UN Headquarters in New York since the mid-1980s. The tapestry is being showcased here while the UN headquarters are being renovated, as part of the Whitechapel Gallery's reopening (the original painting had been displayed here in 1938.

Around the tapestry is an exhibition of the work of Goshka Macuga, including a bust of Colin Powel in Picasso style, a reference to the fact that the tapestry was covered over during Powell's address to the UN arguing for the war on Iraq. The exhibition will be on display until 18 April 2010.

Most of the rest of the gallery is displaying works by Isa Genzken, some of which are quite bizarre, but very clever. I was particularly impressed by the concrete radios and how much meaning the mind can take from shape. It's interesting that a cuboid of concrete with an aerial sticking out was clearly a radio and a block with a few holes drilled through was clearly a loudspeaker. Genzken's work will be on display here until 21 June.

However, Minerva Cuevas's exhibition has to be the best as it involves ice-cream. Her work looks at co-operative and although there is only a small amount of it in the gallery itself, it spreads out into the nearby Petticoat Lane Market, where she has introduced a new currency. The S.COOP coins are being circulated in exchange for purchases on the market.

The galleries space on Toynbee Street has been turned into a ice cream parlour "Monochrome" as part of this, serving a selection of ice-cream flavours, but they are all white. Unfortunately, the exhibition finishes today, but the coins will be in circulation around the market until 7 June and if you happen to be anywhere near Toynbee street this afternoon, apparently they will be giving away free ice-cream.
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