Owen Barritt (hmmm_tea) wrote,
Owen Barritt

Flickring Tea

Last week, I wanted to get a photo from my phone onto here (for this post, in fact).

Not having time to (a) go out a buy a memory card (b) get linux to talk phone (both of which I do intend to do), so took the easy option uploaded straight to flickr from my phone.

The upshot of which is I now have a flickr account and have been playing with it a bit this week.

Not sure I'll use it that much, as I don't take that many photos, but there is the occasional thing I see when walking around that makes me go ooo (some of which make there way on here already). What I do take is unlikely to be fancy photography (unless I've got natural hidden talent I don't know about), just ooo that looks interesting quick snaps.

Anyway, I'm hmmm_tea there too (LJ feed at hmmm_tea_flickr)

Still playing to see what it does at the moment.
Tags: flickr, internet, photographs & images

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