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Locked Out

So, in a case of playing with my new mobile too much to see what it would do, I managed to lock myself out of it (without even having a PIN switch on - don't ask!) and now need a PUK code to unlock it.

As it's a T-mobile SIM, I went onto the T-mobile website to find out the PUK code (I know you can get the O2 ones off their website fairly easily) and indeed they have a page to tell you how to get your PUK code.

Key highlights:

Have you entered the wrong PIN code several times?

Step 1 Sign up or log in to My T-Mobile

Not signed up for My T-Mobile yet?

Sign up for My T-Mobile now....Once you've signed up, simply follow steps one, two and three above to access your PUK.

So, I followed their instructions (yes, completely out of character for me) and signed up.

As with many sites, they send you an Activation PIN to clarify you are who you say you. Unsurprisingly, they send this to your mobile.


So, I therefore need access to my mobile to get the code to access the code to allow me to access my mobile?


Well, at least I got a good laugh out of it all...

(Rang T-mobile this morning, as my SIM is from a third-party, I need to get the PUK code off them and their phone lines aren't open on Sundays. Bother!)


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20th Apr, 2009 10:57 (UTC)
Just wait until you have to set up your website account. When they give you a username or password in all-caps, you have to use the shift key, not caps lock, because they haven't thought somebody might press caps lock to write something all in capitals. They will also ask you for three security questions that are the most common things anybody could ask you, so a wise person makes up three lie answers and then forgets what the lies were. I gave up and wrote them all down in the end.
20th Apr, 2009 11:34 (UTC)
Rang up and got the PUK number this morning, so now have it written down with all the other details about my contract. No Idea why they couldn't have just included it in the first place.

Not sure I'm going to bother completing the registration process, can't see what else I'll need from there.
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