Owen Barritt (hmmm_tea) wrote,
Owen Barritt

The Most Bizarre Rapper Tour So Far

So, last night's tour was bizarre, but cool.

We went down well in the first few pubs (especially the Blackfriar - I love that place we went down really well last time we were there as well)

It was when we were passing the Young Vic that someone had the idea that we should ask if we could do a dance in the bar there. They said yes, so I can now claim to have performed at the Young Vic! It was actually a fairly crap place to do a dance, as the floor was terrible, the acoustics weren't much better and the audience were a bit tame, but it's certainly up there with the Royal Festival Hall, Lincoln's Inn and Trafalgar Square for prestige points.

However, the most bizarre point of the evening, was when we came to the Hole in the Wall and found this lot:

Fake Morris Dancers
Originally uploaded by hmmm_tea

A load of rugby players dressed as Morris dancers! (no, I've never seen a Morris dancer in a frilly silk shirt either, but it was funny)

They must have been one of the best audiences we've had.
Tags: dance, flickr, folk, london, morris, photographs & images, rapper, tours & dance outs

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