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Dana Centre - May

More interesting talks at the Dana Centre next month.

These were the ones that caught my eye:
  • 5 May - Interior Traces - The more performance based events I've been to have been some of the more interesting ones I've seen, especially when it comes down to a question of morals
  • 6 May - Rewired Teens? - Interesting topic that gets a lot of press coverage given how much society has changed as computers have become more household items, would be interesting to see what they say about how it affects upbringing of teens given how controversial it can be
  • 13 May - Social Surveillance - I'm not overly protective about a lot of my personal data (although I'm admittedly more careful about things like bank details than I am about my address which in turn I'm more protective about then what I had for breakfast for example), but there seem to be plenty of people out there who seem to be ultra-protective about their data, so it begs the question about where the sensible balance lies
  • 26 May - Designer Seeks Scientist - now this just sounds silly...
  • 27 May - Physics of the Impossible - oh look, all the cool things that we're supposed to be able to do soon according to the books, but can't yet
  • 28 May - I Am Nesia - I forget why this one caught my eye

As, always, if anyone fancies joining me at any of these, you just need to email tickets@danacentre.org.uk to book a place.
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