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More Flurble Questions...

How long will I live

At a guess, I would probably say, until you die.

How many ballerinas does it take to change a lightbulb?

One to pirouette whilst holding the bulb?

How long do you like to spend in the shower?


If you had ten pounds a week to spend on a "luxury" of your choice, what would it be?

Tea, Port, Cheese, Music, Books, Marmarlade in no particular order

Would you like to visit the moon?

Suppose I really should visit the land I own up there...

What's the hardest choice you've had to make?

To give up the PGCE

Do you enjoy your life?

I enjoy my life, not sure whether I'd enjoy hflf's life as I've never met them.

What's the perfect amount of chocolate to eat in a week?

Depends how good quality it is. Not a big chocolate eater though.

Do you think people should consider eating meat in a similar way to testing on animals?

Deja vu. I suppose there's not really a lot of difference morally (then again I would say that), the difference lies in eating meat playing a more central part of most peoples lives.

What's your perfect bed?

Mine :-)

Have king size, it's long enough for me to lie straight without my feet sticking out the end :-)

Would you like a pet?

Would love one. My contract for my flat states that even if the landlord decides to let me there'll be a £500 deposit though, so may be a little while until I get one...

If you could change just one thing in your life, what would it be?

erm... A job along similar lines to what I'm doing but involving more thought perhaps (may hopefully happen soon anyway)

If you'd been a girl, what would you like to have been called?

I haven't a clue really. Something nice, I'll let whoever reads this decide for themselves...

Choose a book.

Ok, done.

Would you get your tongue pierced if a friend asked it as a birthday favour?

Not sure why a friend would ask me to get my tongue pierced? Would probably question why first as I'm not really keen on the idea, but could possibly be persuaded if they had a really good reason why they want me to (although I can't think of any, so should be safe...).

What would you do with a ton of cabbages?

Create an army of evil cabbage men and take over the world...

*evil cackle*

When will I get to meet you?

Michaelmas 2002

Would you like a pet badger?

See previous answers about pets. Not sure I'd choose a badger though, think they're better off in the wild...

Suppose you're a cornflake. What you like your life story to be?

Get created (Wheee...)
Get locked in plastic with a selection of friends
Get put in a dark room where I stay for a long time
After a while the ceiling opens the room begins to tilts (a lot of my friends fall out - never see them again... :-( )
This happens regularly after then
Until I fall out into a round pit with several of my remaining friends
A large amount of white liquid falls upon us
And then I'm eaten

What would you like to be doing in five years' time?

Dancing, wine tasting, doing interesting stuff, lecturing

You can have chocolate whenever you want it, at no cost, but if you choose to accept this option then you will never be able to see a clock or watch (you may get the time by asking people). Will you do it?

Couldn't cope without my watch or clocks (am surrounded by them in my flat), so no.

Do you make decisions on logic or hunch?

Mainly logic I suppose, but I also decide to do things at random, so I suppose I also do the later too, so both...

Do you think vegetarianism is sensible?

Well I am one, so the question is more do you think I'm sensible?

Would you like a pet - and if so what?

See previous answers

If you could have a year of your life again, would you choose one you enjoyed, or one you want to do better (which one would you choose?)?

I don't think life is that bad at the moment, so probably better to have the one I enjoyed again. 3rd or 4th year at Cambridge were fun...

Is there an ideal age for marriage?

Depends, if you want children in wedlock then biologically that would be better younger. Otherwise no.

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