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Flurble Questions

mair_aw posted some questions for me - answers below:

Do cabbages sing?

Only in my own little world with those nice men with white coats...

Would you like to own a fish?

Yes, I suppose. Would prefer at Cat though...

How old would you like to be?

But now I am Six, I'm as clever as clever
So I think I'll be six now for ever and ever

Think that sums it up really, except I'm 24...

Is there something important you'd have liked to say to someone and never got the chance?

Always is, always has been. Am monumentally crap at saying things I want to say to people, even when I get chance...

Do you disapprove of pornography?

Not a question I've thought too deeply about. I suppose there's a large number of people that enjoy it on a regular basis, so if it's within reason and the subjects are fully consenting, I can't really see that there's much of a problem with it. However, I can see that people may disagree with that.

Ask me another!
no, you only get one

OK, why did you choose those five questions? Can you give a reason for each?

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