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While looking for a new (well new to me) phone yesterday, I may have accidentally bought a few DVDs (also second hand) *whistles innocently*

I've seen Firefly mentioned on here a few times before and a few years ago I found a cheap Serenity DVD, which I enjoyed, so it didn't take much for me to go "ooooh, cheap firefly box set... mine!" (also found X files series 1 and a few films).

Watched the first episode last night. Very impressed. Having watched Serenity spoilt some of the Simon/River plotline, but there were enough other plots going on to compensate for this.

I haven't seen a huge amount of Buffy, so may be making a sweeping generalisation from what I have seen, but the characters in it in the episodes I have seen have seemed quite shallow. Whereas, in this first episode of Firefly, Whedon seems to develop much deeper characters. From the brief introduction of the first episode it's not clear what to make of them all or how the open battle scenes will fit into the over story of the captain.

I'm not a bit fan of westerns either, but it's interesting to see their influence coming through. The whole first episode screams "western set in space" at you.

*hmmm_tea suspects this was money well spent*


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13th Apr, 2009 01:21 (UTC)
All I can say is, "I aim to misbehave." *makes mental note to self that this is the year that that is going on a pin and going on my kit for this season*
13th Apr, 2009 12:07 (UTC)
I really like Firefly, and my box set has done the rounds a bit - it seems to be enjoyed by quite a few different people. Hope you enjoy the rest of it too.
13th Apr, 2009 22:32 (UTC)
Mum and I both like firefly, which is a generally a good indicator of quality. I think Buffy did in general have some good characters -- they were certainly very memorable -- but that it was spread out over seven seasons, which included a lot of episodes which were nothing special. Whereas firefly was a dozen awesome episodes -- one thing I really love about it is that every single epsiode was (afaicr) stellar.
15th Apr, 2009 09:41 (UTC)
Firefly is excellent- probably better than Serenity as there is more time for the caracters to develop. Plus so many questions are left unanswered.
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