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Things What Needed Doing This Weekend...

Things already done:
  • Spanners purchased for reassembly of valet which has been duely reassembled
  • Replacement mobile phone purchased (went looking at second hand shop in Croydon, where there were lots of pretty phones, but unfortunately as I don't speak phone model numbers I didn't have a clue what any of them did, so didn't buy any. Got a reconditioned one online instead)

Things to do:
  • Finish unpacking and clean flat (been here over a month now, so should really have moved in properly by now)
  • Plan diary (lots of things I've been talking about doing in the next couple of months, but very few have made their way into my diary so far)
  • Buy some chocolate to eat (it is Easter after all and I like participating in that bit of it)
  • Transfer all the lj posts in my head onto here
Tags: mobiles, shopping, todo

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