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LJ Spam

Is it just me or have the number of spam comments on here increased?

Most of my public posts seem to be picking up a few at the moment.

I like the fact that anyone can comment freely, but I'm getting tired of deleting all these, so much as I don't want to I think I'm going to have to screen anonymous comments, so I can moderate what is published.


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11th Apr, 2009 13:09 (UTC)
I switched my journal to friends-only at the beginning of the year to deal with a former RL friend who had developed trollish tendencies, so I have not had anything of the kind.
11th Apr, 2009 23:19 (UTC)
I don't think I'd ever go friends-only. Seems to somehow defeat the point of blogging, which is why the vast majority of my posts are public.

Then I suppose lj does have the whole social networking side to it as well, but I tend to view that as somewhat secondary.
12th Apr, 2009 09:20 (UTC)
"Blogging" and "LJing" are two completely different beasts to me; I guess I see the blog part as secondary to the social part.

I think that was the whole problem with my former friend; he was a Blogger and he found LJ silly and embarrassing and beneath me - I think his former high regard for me led him to expect I should have a glittering Blog of Intellect, not a cosy circle of friends - and so he would go around leaving snide comments about my friends to the point where (since he was ignoring all other forms of contact) I figured we weren't actually friends any more. Sad.
(Deleted comment)
11th Apr, 2009 23:16 (UTC)
It so much trolls, I'm not so bothered about them. It's the complete random ones unconnected with my posts, that are annoying me.

The being human post yesterday, for example, got the following comments (all now deleted as spam):

  • When is our senior prom and grad night? I heard it will be on April 18th. The date has been changed. Please reconfirm now when it exactly will be.

  • April 18th.

  • Where? In Hawaii? At Kahala Hotel?

  • Are we going to graduate in April?

  • Yes?

Also seem to have had quite a few in random character sets recently.
12th Apr, 2009 02:25 (UTC)
You can change the comment settings to show CAPTCHA to anonymous posters.
12th Apr, 2009 08:52 (UTC)
Yes, it's already switched on.
12th Apr, 2009 14:09 (UTC)
Huh - that's worked pretty well for me. I guess I'm still undiscovered territory.
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