Owen Barritt (hmmm_tea) wrote,
Owen Barritt

Rapper Tour

First tour with Thrales today, around the pubs near Spitalfields. Not dancing this time, but will be at the next one.

Good audience and some unusual pubs.

The Princess Alice

Nice pub, good wooden floor. Audience were ok, but then again it was early in the evening. Some beer, nothing special.

Scarley Spice Bar

Interesting place, attached to the side of Spitalfield Market. Selection of continental beers. Good Audience too. Concrete floor.

Commercial Tavern

Dimly lit, with ornate mirrors on the ceiling with chandeliers hanging beneath them at the bar. Pink Floyd playing loudly over the stereo (stopped for us, obviously). One of the best Audiences of the evening (if not the best). Dance went horribly wrong (ended up in a complete knot), but audience didn't seem to notice the quick untangling of swords in the middle.

The Poet

Beer ok, good selection of wines by the bottle. OK Audience, wooden floor.

William's Wine & Ale House

Fairly quiet, the people there seemed to appreciate us though. Good wooden floor. Quite good for beer as well.

Kings Stores

Not much in the way of beer. OK floor. Fairly quiet. Audience quite fun, we made one of them go through the set during one of the figures.

Woodin's Shades

Fairly packed, so quite tight on space. Had football on when we arrived. Great audience (not sure whether this was the best or the Commercial Tavern). Didn't even look at the beer here though.

Dirty Dick's

Weren't allowed to dance here, but we came here anyway at the end of the evening for last orders. Good selection of beer, nice wooden floor (although that wasn't really an issue as we weren't dancing).

Also there was an odd bar which was a converted public toilet on Commercial Street, weren't allowed to dance there either as they had a band on though...

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