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Postcard from the Lake District

Dear LJ,,

Turns out I didn't leave all the nice weather down in London as I suspected when I saw the big black clouds over Lancaster yesterday, as it's been nice and sunny up here today.

Took the dog out around Derwentwater with Mum. He was very keen he should have a duck, but the ducks didn't seem so keen on this idea.

Been talking about going to the Theatre by the Lake everytime I've come up for the past few years, but have so far failed to go. In fact I haven't actually been since they built the new theatre in 1999 (they had a big blue trailer thing there before that, which used to tour the country but had been permanently parked next to Derwentwater for years - was quaint, but you got very wet if you sat in a couple of seats in row F when it rained).

They're currently performing The Maid of Buttermere, based on a book by Melvyn Bragg. The only tickets they had all week were 2 limited visibility seats for Thursday evening, so I took one of them.

We talked about going to see the puppet theatre at Up-front later in the week, where they're currently doing Jack and the Beanstalk, but the only date they're sold out for is the only day I'm going to be here.

Will need to plan what we're doing in advanced next time I come up (although, my usual trick of not coming up during School holidays would probably help).

Going down to Grisdale tomorrow.

Wish you were all here (although I'm not sure how we'd sleep the whole of LJ here)

Tags: family, lake district, museums & galleries, plans, theatre

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