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Up North

So, I'm up in Penrith now.

After a slow start, I probably left home about 3pm and walked over to Euston.

Went past Owen St for photos for userpic. There are Owen's Fields on Owen St as well and the next street along from Owen's Row is Friend St, so it's suddenly made me think it's what lj would look like if you turned it into a borough of london... well, for me anyway.

Got there to find no trains past Lancaster until 5.30, so got one to Preston and mubbled about having to change. In the end, it was a bit of a relief to get off the horrid tilting things virgin run. Tempted to go the pretty way via Leeds next time to avoid them altogether.

Arrived in Penrith at about 8pm. There's something very nice about walking out the station to see the castle in the park.

Dog very pleased to see me *feels loved*
Tags: lake district, london, travel, userpics

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