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The Age Of Stupid

When I was in Cambridge, I always liked the Arts Picturehouse cinema, even for more mainstream films. It had a certain quaintness, which the larger Warner Bros (now Vue) cinema at the Grafton centre lacked.

So, when I left and moved down to London I had a look to see if I could find one around here. The closest I could find (given I was living in Croydon at the time), was the new one they were about to open in Greenwich and I've been on their mailing list ever since.

Now I'm living a bit closer to Greenwich I've been meaning to try to get out to see something there.

I've just looked at this week's email and this has caught my eye:

Pete Postlethwaite stars in THE AGE OF STUPID (12A) as a man living in an environmental wasteland in 2055, looking back at footage from 2008 and asking: why didn't we save ourselves when we had the chance?

The only free evenings I've got next week are Wednesday and Thursday, so I think I'll probably aim for the 6pm Weds showing.

If anyone else fancies coming along, do let me know.


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26th Mar, 2009 22:10 (UTC)
It's a vague possibility, depending on finances and also the fact that I'm not overly keen on being on the Tube during rush hour/late evening as a lone female (but mainly Tube-at-rush-hour - I was there on Tuesday and about 4 people looked at me, saw my stick and then refused to meet my eye because they knew they should give up the seat to a cripple but didn't want to).
26th Mar, 2009 23:46 (UTC)
*looks confused*

I didn't know you were around here!

Can understand not fancying the tube during rush hour (I try to avoid it and I don't even have the stick!), but if you decide to in the end let us know.
27th Mar, 2009 01:13 (UTC)
I'm home at the moment, which means Loughton (out towards Epping on the Central Line, just beyond the Hainault loop). Unfortunately. Officially the highest rate of teen abortions in the country. And next Saturday we're to have Jade Goody's funeral procession parade up the high road. *sighs* Thankfully I'm going back to Exeter next Friday, so I'll escape half the country's media descending on this place I have the misfortune of calling "home".
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